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TrapKillMosquitoes.com and DynaTrap® have the solution to your mosquito control concerns.

Zika virus was prevalent starting in 2015, peaked in 2016, and has now been virtually eliminated in the United States.  Encephalitis, in all its forms is also on the rise again in the USA.   76.000 human cases of West Nile, additionally affecting birds and other animals.  Malaria, although not presently in the USA is another mosquito borne disease.  What will be the next problem the mosquitoes will bring to us?  Not to even mention how annoying they are in general.


Mosquito control has become vital to protecting your family and community.  In studying these diseases, the CDC has recommended that every individual take steps to prevent there spread. This can be as simple as using mosquito repellent, wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants, and removing any and all sources of standing water from your home. There are additional ways to protect your family and the animals which live on your property (both pets and livestock). We can offer help with a variety of solutions.

The DynaTrap® line of modern mosquito traps offer far better results over traditional mosquito zappers. For controlling large areas, we recommend the DynaTrap DT1100 or the DynaTrap DT2000XLP. We will also be carrying the DT1750 soon.  All these DynaTraps ® are excellent for attracting mosquitoes and other airborne pests, then trapping and killing them. All units are easy to clean. The DT1100 is designed to control mosquitoes up to a half acre, while the DT2000XL can control up to a full acre. In between is the DT1750 covering three/quarter acre.  They have a lantern-like appearance and are perfect indoors or out: for your home, back porch, or yard. With durable, all-weather construction you can leave them outdoors for your local mosquito season; even if that season is year-round. By using a light, warmth, and a vacuum fan to attract and trap insects in the retaining cage, the DynaTrap® line does not use any harsh pesticides or chemicals. Whisper quiet without any loud zapping, or annoying buzzing, our traps are 100% safe and completely discrete.

The DynaTrap® line has proved to be a revolution to insect control and is a great way to ensure peace of mind in your home, your outdoor play and entertainment areas, and for your livestock. Why deal with the annoyance and danger of mosquito bites when you can take control to make your environment more comfortable for your family and animals?

NOTE: Remember to keep your trap effective by replacing the bulbs in your DynaTrap every season or 3-4 months, depending on your location.

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